Adult Sunday School

Adult Sunday School

Ongoing groups may take breaks during holidays and Summer.  They may also take a short break between Bible studies.  To ensure the group is currently meeting, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at 352-416-3074.


(9:30am, room E204) Our group members represent many walks of life and are interested in a wide range of topics. They are people who have thought deeply about their faith and consider such matters as spiritual growth, science and religion, history, poetry, literature, ethics and world issues of Christian concern from a Christian perspective. Class members freely express their varied opinions. A short devotion opens each class. The friendship and mutual understanding of class members is deepened through quarterly social gatherings. Through our "Wings Fund" we support several groups in need.


(11:00 am, Room 203) This is a group focused on encouraging each other in your walk with God through scripture and discussion.

Faithful Families

(11:00 am, Room E211)

Families on a Mission

(11am, Youth Building) The Family on a Mission Sunday School Class cordially invites you to join us as we meet together this year to further develop our relationship with God, with each other, with our church, and our community. The mission of this family-oriented class is to not only be hearers of the Word, but also doers (James 1:22). Our desire is to grow in God’s Word together through study and to live out that study in service to others in Christ’s name. We are a group seeking to incorporate our entire family in our own spiritual growth and action. The class studies a variety of Bible-based topics and builds a supportive community through social events and mission projects.

As their parents we are our children’s primary educators and examples of how to live out faith in the real world. One way to strengthen our own faith walks is by meeting with others that can support us in our walks, help us understand God’s Word, and provide us with the opportunities to serve others. This can be accomplished through the interaction of a Sunday school class. What better way to support our children on their journey of faith through the coming year than by making the commitment to engage with a small group of individuals within our own church who will encourage you through your own journey of faith?


(9:30am, room E232) The Fisherman Class is a supportive, caring group of mature adults of all ages, who begin class singing gospel/praise songs, then study God's word using the Uniform Bible Series, taught by 8-10 rotating teachers. We follow with joys and concerns, then close with prayer and praise. Participation does not end on Sunday mornings as we donate our time, service, and money to the community Food Bank, Milk Fund, Family Promise dinner, Trinity Youth, and to many groups inside and outside Trinity. We support and encourage each other during good and tough times like an extended family. We start to sing at 9:30 on Sunday morning. All are welcome.

Misty Mornings

(9:30am, room E221) Misty Mornings is an eclectic group of adults of all ages who invite the Holy Spirit's presence through the reading of books by Christian authors, such as The Jesus I Never Knew by Philip Yancey, Beautiful Outlaw by John Eldredge, All Creation Sings and I Bought a House on Gratitude Street by J. Ellsworth Kalas. We listen for God in our lives through a focus in prayer. Shared leadership allows all to participate in a warm, friendly environment. We support one another in spiritual growth no matter where one is on their faith journey. While our interactive discussions can be at times dynamic and spontaneous, they are contemplative and guided by the Holy Spirit.. In addition to our readings we also participate in global and local outreach projects and provide support to Trinity's Order of Saint Luke's healing ministry. We occasionally participate as a group in an outdoor setting or have a meal together.

Open Door

(9:30am, room E203) A Bible study, led by the Spirit, in which we share the role of facilitating group discussion (advance preparation not required).


(9:30am, room E211) Pathfinders is a group of single and married adults of all ages. This class has an interest in sharing, prayer and discussion of scripture and modern day insights into Christian living. Pathfinders provides a Christian community for spiritual growth and fellowship as well as a channel for outreach projects. Teaching/facilitating is rotated among the members on a voluntary basis. Leadership for the class is shared and each member is encouraged to participate in some way. The Pathfinders' mission is to deepen our relationship with God, to support each other and our church, and to reach out in love, prayer and service to our families, friends and neighbors all over the world.

SALT (Searching and Learning Together)

SALT (Searching and Learning Together) (11am, Room E225) For mostly 20’s and 30’s Singles or Marrieds with intentional and relevant faith community. This class will be focused on practical applications through scripture study.  You’re invited to a community that supports one another, explores big questions, and celebrates life together.


(9:30 am, Room 226) Seekers is a group of Christians seeking to deepen our experience, share God's love through activities, and support each other in life's journey.

Spiritual Growth

(11am, room E221)  Spiritual Growth is a group for people in their 40s and 50s. We offer an inviting and welcoming community to foster fellowship and to grow deeper in relationship with Christ through Bible study and Christian media. 

Jim Cook, Interim Director of Adult Ministries & Hospitality (352-416-3074)