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Mortgage Burning Celebration

If you happened to miss the Mortgage Burning Ceremony on June 1, it's ok - we're making everything available to you here.

060114Mortgage Burning Celebration

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Dave Ramsey "We Are Debt Free" Submission Video

Trinity closes book on mortgage (Gainesville Sun, 06/01/14)

Trinity Bookstore


The Trinity Bookstore is located in the first floor of the Education Building, in the Atrium.  Come and feel empowered to learn and grow with the many selections of Christian books we offer.  We have in stock a varied selection of Christian Classics as well as Bibles, Christian non-Fiction, Children's books and gift items made in the USA and around the World that support Fair Trade. 

This is a place to pick up your favorite book, enjoy a cup of coffee and relax in our Atrium.

Is your small group looking for a new study? We have many wonderful Bible Studies to choose from. The Trinity Bookstore is staffed by many wonderful volunteers who are here to help you find the right study for your group.

If you would like to know more about what is available, or would like to volunteer, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Cash and check are preferred but Credit or Debit is available upon request. Gift Certificates are now available for purchase.

Select Books Available by Trinity Authors

Neglected Treasure: Rediscovering The Old Testament by Dr.Dan G. Johnson
A new look at the Old Testament brings its teaching to bear on today's Christians. Often neglected, the Old Testament has much to say to today's Church. Study questions follow each chapter and make this book great for small groups or Sunday school.

Prayer, Power & Petticoats by Sue E. Tennant
First Ladies of the United States—from Martha Washington to Laura Bush—are an exclusive sorority of great women who contributed significantly to the success of their husbands' presidential administrations by their faith, prayers, and family values. Learn how their faith and prayers sustained them, their families, and their husbands through difficult and often desperate times.

Notes from Home by Joan Keppler
Retells the stories of Genesis through a series of correspondences between man and God. In this way we can more easily understand exactly what these figures experienced and better apply the lessons and morals to our daily lives. Additional Scripture readings are added as a P.S. to each letter, and an R.S.V.P. is applied to each through a series of questions to help you probe your own life and use God’s teachings to help your relationships mature spiritually and emotionally.

Genesis to Jesus in One Hour by John S Shahan, M.D.
History on a rocket sled, Genesis to Jesus in One Hour is a sharply distilled snapshot of the dark stark, and dramatic landscape of the world in the years that set the stage for the birth of Jesus Christ. Written for the busy Christian from a scholar's viewpoint and using the Old Testament as a timeline, author John Shahan answers the question. "How did geography. politics. philosophy, and events align perfectly to make Christ's influence inevitable?"

A Wonderful Journey: From an Appalachian Mountain Hillbilly to a Florida Cracker by E.T. York, with Gary Thorn
In this personal journey, E.T. York relates the story of a boy from Appalachia who grew to have influence in the nation's capital and beyond. Born in rural America at a time when most people lived on small farms and in small communities, York was propelled by World War II to an international awareness, leading to a career of improving agricultural education and research both here and abroad. More than a recollection, this memoir imparts the values and practicality York applied in his everyday life, offering the reader useful tools for the reader's own journey

Sacred Journeys: A Woman's Book of Daily Prayer by Jan Richardson
Sacred Journeys invites the reader to travel in the company of a remarkable array of women as the Christian liturgical year unfolds. Starting in Advent and moving through each season, this books draws on the lives and writings of women from around the world and throughout the ages. Jan's prayers, poetry, and reflections link the stories of such biblical women as Miriam and Mary with the voices of other women including Julian of Norwich, Sojourner Truth, Etty Hillesum, Julia Esquivel, and Annie Dillard.


Press Room

Shannon Rosselle, Comptroller (416.3003)

Altar Flower Dedications

flowerdedicationWould you like to put flowers in the Worship Center on a Sunday morning? To reserve a date in honor or memory of someone or to the Glory of God, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (352-416-3016). Altar flowers cost $30 per arrangement.