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We live stream our 9:40 am Sunday Worship service. To view, simply go to the live streaming page of our website, or our YouTube channel. An archived copy of that sermon will be placed here on our website on Monday mornings.

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Experiencing the hassles and events of life naturally creates the stress response in us. Unfortunately, this state of reactivity (physical, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral) or this stress response, that is protective in its design, can lead to patterns of responding that just lead to more fear, anxiety, frustration and isolation.

Capitalizing on our God-given capacities of mindfulness, compassion, and curiosity, meditation increases awareness of our present experience and can result in decreased reactivity in our body, feelings, thoughts and behavior. Meditation can also result in increased “space” to turn toward and experience the meaningful, edifying elements of life, such as God’s moment-to-moment presence inside and around us, God’s peace and guiding hand in our lives, the gift of our loved ones, and the beauty and wonder of creation. Meditating once can lead to a state of calm presence that comes and goes. Meditating regularly can lead to a lasting trait of calm presence and an entirely different way of experiencing all of life.Each week, we will be adding a new guided meditation that you can download and listen to at your convenience. You may choose to listen to them once or integrate them into your daily spiritual disciplines. Links will be provided for these meditations in our daily e-devotions and bi-weekly fasting devotions, or you can simply check back to this webpage each Friday as new meditations are made available.

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Daily e-Devotional

Begin your day with Scripture and prayer focused on the various ways in which we are called to care for ourselves as we seek to love God, love others, and uniquely bear God's image in the world.

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Sabbath Keeping/Sabbath Challenge

The Sabbath Challenge:
This Lent, we are inviting you to prayerfully consider what Sabbath might mean for you and your household. Is there a 24 hour period that you can carve out and declare as your holy day of rest? If not, is there a portion of day that you could dedicate for this purpose each week, even if the day and time needs to shift?

As you identify a period of time that you can commit to sacred rest, we invite you accept our challenge to join us in seeking to keep Sabbath once every 7 days. To support you in this process, Rev. Lenora Rousseau will creating a weekly devotional that will be available online and include additional tips and information to help you keep Sabbath well over the next 40 days.

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What is Sabbath?
On the seventh day God created - rest. Scripture might be ambiguous about some things, but in Genesis 2:1-3, it is clear rest was not an afterthought or the by product of God simply having nothing left to do. God created, by design, a time of sacred, celebratory rest and called it Shabbat (or Sabbath). Then God demonstrated what it was supposed to look like in action: God stopped producing to simply be, and in the process established an eternal rhythm for creativity, reflection, and renewal.

Once a week, we are invited to continue God’s creative process: to stop doing and producing and to simply be; to allow our creative energy to be renewed, to reflect on life as it is unfolding, to be fully present to God, ourselves, those we are journeying with in life, and to reorient ourselves around our true identity and purpose. What's more, science has proven that our bodies require this kind of extended rest in order to function at our highest levels. If Shalom (being wholly at peace) is to exist in our lives, we must be willing to submit ourselves to God’s created order, the order than cultivates peace and harmony and wholeness within ourselves and the world around us. We do this as we let go our cultural instincts with the “renewal of minds” (Romans 12:1-2) and allow the rhythm of our lives to mirror the rhythm of the sacred.

Shannon Rosselle, Comptroller (416.3003)

Altar Flower Dedications

flowerdedicationWould you like to put flowers in the Worship Center on a Sunday morning? To reserve a date in honor or memory of someone or to the Glory of God, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (352-416-3016). Altar flowers cost $30 per arrangement.