Your communication settings

Your communication settings... and how to change them

Whether you like a lot of emails, notifications and text messages, or don't - you can decide how much or little you hear from us. The initial default for an individual's communication settings comes from default settings of any groups they might be in. Your personal communication settings, once customized, will override any Group defaults.

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Your privacy settings

Your privacy settings - who can see what? and how to change them

You have a lot of information in your personal and family profile, and you might be curious or worried about what information the rest of the congregation can see. Don't worry, we have NOT released your personal information to the entire congregation! Below are the default settings we have set, but ALL OF THEM can be changed to fit your comfort level. Most of your information is restricted to Church Leadership only. There are special settings for children and youth, please see below for more information.

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How to create your account

  1. Go to the MyTrinity site by click on this link or accessing it from the home page of the Trinity website.
  2. Click on “sign up” underneath the login box
  3. Fill out the First Name, Last Name and email box – the phone number is not necessary. Note: If you get an error message because MyTrinity cannot find your email address and you have more than one email address, try any other email address that Trinity might have for you. Only one email address is saved per account.
  4. A confirmation email will be sent to the email address you provided. Click on the link included in the email to create your password. You may then login to MyTrinity.


How to edit your profile

1. Once you have logged into MyTrinity, click on the "Go to my Profile" link on the right side of the screen under your name  profilepic

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Shannon Rosselle, Comptroller (416.3003)

Altar Flower Dedications

flowerdedicationWould you like to put flowers in the Worship Center on a Sunday morning? To reserve a date in honor or memory of someone or to the Glory of God, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (352-416-3016). Altar flowers cost $30 per arrangement.