Internet and Media Safety Resources

Here are some resources we found in doing our research for Internet Night that can help you and your yoots be safe and smart when using the internet and other forms of media:

Talking to Youth About TV Tipsheet

How to Beat CyberbulliesCyberbullying Handout

Safe Web Surfing

Internet Safety Tips for Teens

The Dangers of Social Media


Below are some resources we found that discuss internet pornography and its effects, as well as programs that can be used to block these sites and pop-ups. We also recommend checking out the Fight the New Drug YouTube channel for more information and personal testimonies.

How Porn Affects the Brain

Mark’s Story: I Was Addicted to Porn at Age 12

5 Celebrities Share Their Experiences With Porn

Porn: Human Trafficking at Your Fingertips

Covenant Eyes: Internet Accountability and Filtering

Safe Eyes Filtering Software

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