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  • Benevolence

    If you are in need of financial assistance; while we at Trinity will lovingly support you with prayer, unfortunately we are no longer able to provide financial gifts to individuals. In order to ensure that we are constantly and continually helping the members of our community, we are supporting local agencies who provide these valuable services. God bless you and your family during this difficult time.Trinity financially supports the following agencies which provide support:

    Gainesville Community Ministries (238 SW 4th Ave, 352-372-8162). Hours: Monday - Thursday, 9am - 2:45pm

    Catholic Charities (717 NE 9th St., #A, 352-372-0294). Hours: Monday - Thursday, 9:30am - 4pm

  • Improves the physical and mental well-being of the homeless and nearly homeless by delivering comprehensive health care, sensitizing providers to the special needs of the homeless and engaging the community in meaningful contribution. Helping Hands offers basic medical care, psychiatric care, acupuncture, prescription drug assistance, nursing/social/legal care, haircuts & personal care items. The clinic runs a separate Women’s night on Thursday evenings when women can find a safe, welcoming, and supportive social environment. Thursday evenings provide all the same services plus showers and a healthy evening meal.
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  • Called to Action

    A local 501(c)3 that focuses on feeding the homeless. They provide free bi-monthly meals downtown with the opportunity to serve the local population.
  • It is an independent center that facilitate the thoughtful exploration of a Christian understanding of life and culture. The center draws on the intellectual and cultural resources of the Christian tradition and on the scholarly resources of higher education in order to understand cultural change and to address enduring, human questions that are widely shared in the University community.
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  • Serves in the Cuesta Arena of the Dominican Republic. Their main focus is to share the love of God and love on the children of Cuesta Arena. They have built a school and worked diligently to provide clean water to the area
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  • Provides a welcoming, nurturing Christ-centered environment which encourages and guides Christian ex-offenders, both male and female, to serve and grow in the Lord as they are productively assimilated into society. Through the residential program, they encourage and enable participants to get on their feet during the critical time of transition through assistance with the basic needs of food, shelter, spiritual development, opportunities for employment, and life-skills training in a highly structured program of personal accountability.
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  • Partners with local churches, organizations, and government agencies to help meet the practical, spiritual, and human development needs of Alachua County, FL. They redistribute home items and serve many hours with home repair/accessibility, offer home visits, and more.
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  • Provides practical assistance to the elderly, the disabled, and recipients of public assistance, as well as the "working poor" who are vulnerable to economic crises and have fallen between the cracks of other programs.
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  • Missionaries

    Trinity supports missionary Sharon Rosenwald with her work in Salquil Grande, Quiche', Guatemala. Her work with Light & Life School continues though her work as a Wycliffe Literacy Specialist has ended. Missionaries Dan & Debra Fitzgerald work with Doulos ministries in New York. Wycliffe missionary Aileen Agoncillo works with Wycliffe News network and Wycliffe Engage
  • Located in Ouanaminthe, Haiti, it is an institution that employs more than one hundred people in Ouanaminthe and offers the following solutions to respond to the region's needs: a pre-kindergarten – grade 13 school, a vocational/technical center, a partnership with Port-au-Prince based University Quisqueya to bring higher education to students in Ouanaminthe and a chicken farm that serves as an institute for agri-business training, research, and entrepreneurial venture to support the Institution. The facility also has a 3-story hospital. COCINA believes the only avenue to eradicating poverty in Haiti is through providing quality education, healthcare and economic development for its citizens.
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  • Located in El Moral, Coahuila, Mexico. It opened in 1986 to take care of neglected children who are falling between the cracks in the Mexican society. TUMC members typically visits the orphanage in December.
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  • A homeless shelter that provides services for immediate needs, transitional and permanent housing. All women, men, and children are welcome. TUMC works in various ways with St Francis, providing meals, performing jobs around the house and providing Christmas gift bags to the guests. 413 S. Main Street Gainesville, FL 32601
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  • The UM Campus Ministry serving the college campuses in Gainesville, FL. It was founded in 1925 and exists to make disciples of Jesus Christ on college campuses. They offer unique worship, service, growth, and fellowship opportunities for students. Worship Sunday 11am, free student lunch afterwards. Gator Wesley Foundation: 352.372.8183, 1380 W University Ave
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  • A non-profit, 100% volunteer run program that provides food for children over the weekends and during extended breaks from school when other resources are not available. Children are referred into the program by school employees. They receive rolling backpacks filled with food (7 meals per child) every Friday. On Monday, the backpacks are returned to be refilled and redistributed at the end of the week. F4K currently works with 15 Alachua county schools. TUMC members donate food and serve as volunteers with F4K.
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  • A relationship between the Methodist Church in Cuba and the Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church. It is an agreement to implement ministries that strengthen local churches through shared resources.
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  • Our community sponsorship in Nkhoma, Malawi. TUMC hosted WV’s step into Africa exhibit in Oct 2011. As a result over 300 children were sponsored in the community of Nkhoma. Six new wells have been constructed, vocational training, after school study programs, malaria prevention and many more community building projects are under way. WV partners with the community to build self sufficiency and confidence.
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  • Offers residential care in a group home setting with a variety of holistic services to provide children what they need to be safe and loved. TUMC is involved with the new campus in Madison, FL. Through financial support and work days we hope to see children in the new Ranch setting soon.
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  • Our sister church in Cienfuegos, Cuba.

    Pastor Moisés is the minister in the church that was originally built in 1908. We have been supporting a rebuild of the church that was damaged in multiple hurricanes. TUMC members typically visit the church in the fall for a time of fellowship and sharing.

Missions Staff

Ted Grueser, Director of Missions (416.3043)
Ward Simonton, Faith Mission (416.3050)
Kelly Ping, Associate Director of Missions (416.3048)