Ushers, Greeters and Communion Servers: Volunteers embody United Methodist’s love in action by doing all the good they can, in all the places they can, to all the people they can. We hope you will decide to use a volunteer opportunity as an Usher and Greeter or Communion Server as a way to live your calling more faithfully.  Find out more!

Lighting, Projections, Sound System: If any or all of these three areas interest you, please send email Alice Wallis so we can get you started! We will begin with concepts and tasks that match your current level of technical knowledge, and will continue building your skills in this very important behind-the-scenes ministry at Trinty!

Lighting: This is the area that most volunteers start learning more about the equipment and sharing their talents. Trinity employs a ColorTran Status 24/48 lighting board to control the lighting in the different areas of the church. If you have ever used a dimmer in your home to control the lighting level in a room, you can operate the lighting board during a service with a little training and guidance.

Projections: All of the images that are projected on the screens during the services are run through the EasyWorship projection software system.

Sound System: Trinity's Worship Center is probably one of the more challenging sound environments you will ever encounter. But the good news is, if you can learn to run sound here, then optimizing the surround sound system in your living room will be easy! While attending the Technical Training Classes, you will have the opportunity to begin learning about a wide range of technical topics, including audio connectors, microphones, cables, setting monitor levels, amplification, equalization, main system volume levels, and proper live sound mixing techniques.

Alice Wallis, Director of Music and Worship Arts (416.3016)

Keven Braswell, Director of Sonlight (416.3013)

Andrew Mankin, Assistant Director of Sonlight (416.3052)

Bree Kerwin, Administrative Assistant (416.3017)